Our Leads

Mercury Road generates leads that are the most highly qualified franchisee sales leads you can get. They are so highly qualified that leads hardly describes them accurately. We generate franchise candidates.

Using your offering requirements as our guide, we sort out only the matching franchise candidates. We then verify that they match before we send them to you. So when you get one of Mercury Road’s franchise candidates you know you are going to get a good return on investment for your sales lead purchasing budget

Here’s how we work:

  • Our networks gather contact information for individuals who are interested in a franchise opportunity, using our proprietary technology.
  • We match individuals to opportunities available based on their personal information and geographic location.
  • Our team of professionals contacts each individual live, via the phone.
  • We verbally verify that they have the financial resources to purchase your franchise and confirm their interest in your category.
  • We send them to you to follow up with your franchise offering

Our proprietary technology and innovative processes weed through all the franchise sales leads for you to find only the best leads available. We attribute the superiority of our product to three key factors.

    1. Call Verified We speak to each candidate live on the phone before we send them to you, so we know how to reach them, how interested they are in your category and how prepared they are to proceed in the franchise purchasing process. This specific information makes our leads the franchise candidates that you need to fill your open territories.


    1. Financially qualified The phone call affords us the opportunity to verify that the candidate meets your minimum liquid capital requirements and has the specified net worth you desire. If for some reason, they do not meet either requirement, you will not receive their information as a candidate nor will we charge you for this candidate.


  1. GEO Targeted If you have a great candidate with an interest in your category and the finances to move forward but they aren’t geographically desirable, then they are not a candidate for you. Mercury Road uses GEO targeting by specific state, county or even zip code to insure that your leads are ready to buy in an open location for you. We do this at no additional charge, unlike our competitors.